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Who is 4th Congressional District Candidate Jay "JayMac" McFarland?



Meet JayMac

JayMac has spent the last nine years speaking to Utahans about important issues as a talk radio show host on KSL NewsRadio. As the former host of the JayMac News Show, he is known for his ability to deal with the most important issues of the day without resorting to insults or personal attacks. Along the way, he has developed some amazing solutions for many of today’s problems. Overall JayMac has spent almost two decades on the air defending conservative values in Utah, Texas, and Nevada.

Although Jay is very proud of his career, his greatest accomplishments remain his marriage to his wife Tiina since 1991 and four confident wonderful children. He raised his children to believe you can do whatever you want in life with hard work and determination. Jay taught his children by example and never let others tell him what was possible.





JayMac taught himself to code when he had his first idea for an iPhone game. Since then, he has released over 100 mobile games. He kick started his radio career by financing his own show. He was then hired by CBS Radio. He has written several books and taught himself how to self-publish. In his twenties, he worked his way up the ladder to the regional manager for a restaurant chain. While there he developed several unique strategies for managing employees. These strategies are now available for online training from Pluralsight. But, Jay didn't stop there. He has become an expert in keeping kids safe online and has become a resource for parents who are struggling with their children.

JayMac is vocal about his early struggle with homelessness, mental health and facing suicide. Sharing his personal story has brought hope to many who face similar struggles. His willingness to share these personal stories has saved lives and given people hope.

Jay has a profound love for his country. His concern for the current state of political turmoil has driven him to the conclusion that he must do more. He has left behind his dream radio career to fight for this nation and restore its dignity and respect. Jay believes "The time for talk is over," and will stop at nothing to bring his wisdom and problem-solving abilities to the defense of Utah values. You can feel confident knowing that JayMac has your back!


You can connect with Jay on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and by joining the JayMac Pack by signing up for his emails. 

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