JayMac's solutions for balancing the budget

Which one of us would ever believe it is appropriate or desirable to rack up debt knowing it would be passed on to our children? Don't most parents do just the opposite? Isn't it a primary quest for most parents to provide a better life financially than they had themselves?

Why does this change when it comes to government debt? Is it because we don't mind government debt if it means we are going to get something personal out of it? The truth is, every single time we spend a dollar that we don't have, we are asking our children and their children to pay for it. How can this be morally acceptable? "We know you're not even born yet but would you mind paying for something we really want?"

Deficit spending has to stop now. Not only is it immoral to buy things with our children's money, the practice cannot be sustained. At some point we have to say that no matter how much we want something, we simply cannot afford it.

Every single current government program needs to be assessed for its cost and effectiveness. The federal government is too big and it is always less efficient than the private sector. If we do not stop deficit spending now by choice, eventually we will run out of choices.



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