JayMac's solutions for improving the environment

As a Boy Scout, I learned to leave a campsite better than you found it. As citizens of this country, we need the same philosophy. Our decisions while on this earth will have a dramatic impact on generations to come. They cannot decide what type of environment they will be born into; it is entirely up to us.

Will our grandchildren have clean air to breathe? Will future generations have clean renewable energy or will they be reliant upon other countries who do not have their best interest at heart? These questions are ours to answer today.

To me, the debate about whether or not climate change is influenced by man is completely irrelevant. Can't we all agree that clean air is better than dirty air? Can't we all come together on the idea that clean renewable energy is better than fossil fuels? The only real debate is how to accomplish these goals and how quickly we should achieve them.

I believe through government incentives and gradual increases in efficiency standards, we can meet these goals and continue spurring on a vibrant United States economy. There is no problem we cannot solve with the proper motivation.

Will our grandchildren and future generations look back at us as heroes that ensured a bright healthy future for all, or as selfish progenitors who could not see past our own short term desires?


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