JayMac's solutions for ending gun violence while protecting gun rights

Every time there is a mass shooting and nothing is done to try and solve this horrific problem, the future of the right to bear arms is at greater risk. If those who value the right to bear arms do not lead out with ideas and solutions, I believe eventually the tide will turn against the Second Amendment. Then, those who come after us will use the power of the Constitution to amend it. 

How can we lead out and find lasting solutions for our 2nd Amendment rights if we do not fully understand the problem? We must support studies into this problem because it is bigger than the right to bear arms. We must answer the question, "what is it about our community that is generating youth who want to kill and then be killed?" Until we answer this question, any attempts to address the larger problem will be futile.

We must also avoid the temptation to take away the rights of the law abiding when those rights are abused by the minority. There are those who have no problem removing the right to bear arms because they do not understand why anyone would need a gun. If our rights are defined by whether or not others feel that you need them, then rights in general are doomed. The same logic could be used to ban automobiles. Cars kill nearly 1.3 million people a year and can be replaced by public transportation. Why is this line of thinking dangerous? Because all rights are at risk if we allow rights to be removed when rights are abused.


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