The United States of America has every right and responsibility to protect its borders. There is absolutely nothing wrong in wanting to know who comes into this country, why they are here, and to decide how long they get to stay.

The United States also benefits and has always benefited from a steady influx of people from other cultures and countries. We are not worthy of the American dream and all that America has to offer if we do not seek to share our vast blessings with those in need.

The question remains, how do we accomplish the goal of protecting our borders while inviting those in need to participate legally? And even more importantly, how do we come up with a solution all sides can agree on? The answer is to compromise. To achieve compromise, you must know what the other side wants and be willing to give up certain things to benefit the whole.

I have a plan to solve the current problem of illegal immigration once and for all but it will require that both sides give a little for the greater good. If both sides are willing to grant these requirements, then we can resolve this issue for good. 

The JayMac Immigration Plan

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