October 4th District Polling

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The Forgotten Amendment

In today’s political world, the Constitution is either the most important and immovable document when it supports our views or it is an inconvenience when it doesn’t give us permission to do the things we want. We must remember that our founding document is a limitation placed upon the federal government. It defines those things the three branches of government can and cannot do. This was by design in order to limit the powers of government and to preserve the authority of the states. When we interpret the Constitution in a fast and loose way for our own purposes, we dilute all of the powers of the document and we rob the states of their authority. Continue reading

When American politics crosses a line

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” So declared Abraham Lincoln on June 16, 1858. His words were directed toward the citizens of a nation that was adamantly divided on the issue of slavery. During his day, the issue became so heated and emotional that reasonable debate devolved into anger, hatred and finally violence. Continue reading

Compromise is what fuels American progress

Compromise is not evil. It is not wrong, nor is it something to be avoided. In truth, compromise is the very fuel of our nation’s progress and the one thing that keeps it on a measured course away from harmful extremes. Yet the growing partisanship and divisions in our country have led us to somehow believe the opposite. Instead of trying to see other points of view and come to a solution that is agreeable to all parties, we now look at the other side as though they are the enemy. And who would ever give in to one's enemy? Continue reading