JayMac's solutions for the public lands debate

The Federal government has too much power and control over public lands in each state. This is nonsensical within a government founded on the separation of powers. The idea that one person can carve out large swaths of land and designate them without some form of checks and balances is not in line with the core values of this country.

We must introduce a form of checks and balances between the states and within the federal government itself. After all, it is the United "States" of America as opposed to the Federal Government of America. Additionally, a current president can change the designation of a previous president without any sort of check. This leaves our national parks at the mercy of the political whims of whomever is in office. This is hardly a wise policy. Designations from legislative bodies have a much greater potential to withstand the test of time.

The obvious solution is to return this power to the United States Legislature where it belongs. This would allow representatives from the states to vote on these measures and get involved in the process. It also incorporates the appropriate level of checks and balances to ensure no one person or group has the ability to overpower the whole.


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